October for Onions

Normally, Weimar is quite a small, sleepy, cultural town.


You get lots of tourist groups visiting and making getting around town more of an obstacle course than a quick walk. However, this all changes on the second weekend in October when the Onion Market (Zwiebelmarkt) comes to town.

IMG_5323 IMG_5324

The Onion Market is a traditional market celebrating the wonders of the Onion and bringing lots of stalls and entertainment to town. It was the 362nd market this year. Here are some of the things we enjoy.

Things to Buy

There are lots of stalls for food, drink, decorations, clothes and much more. Most of the stalls sell something onion related:


Onion Necklace

Onion braids and Onion People

Onion braids and Onion People

The braids and little onion people (called Zwiebelinchen) are nice for presents or decorating at home.

The other things which are nice to buy as presents is somthing connected to Weimar; like the Ginko tree. These lovely soaps and soap dishes from fleury based here in Weimar.

Fleury Soaps

Fleury Soaps

Things you will buy if you want to or not are things for the children! We spend Friday browsing and Saturday buying.

Things to Do:

Obviously walking around is interesting enough. There are many music stages and the programme is easy to find, or you can download the app. But if you fancy a change here are some other ideas:

Onion Market Run

Onion Market Run

  1. Run The Zwiebel Run. 10K or a half marathon through the park on a sunny day is lovely. I prefer the 10K (mainly because it is all I can do!) because this is two laps of the park, the half marathon is then four laps of the same run.
Big wheel Weimar Onion Market

Big wheel Weimar Onion Market


2. Go on the big wheel. Day or night it is fun and nice to get a great view and some fresh air after being squeezed through all those people.

3. Make some Onion Cake (recipe here). It is quite easy to make, and you can cheat on the crust by buying pre-made short crust. Enjoy it with a nice glas of Federweisser, which is young wine and tastes more like grape juice.

Onion Cake and Red Federweisser Wine

Onion Cake and Red Federweisser Wine

3. And finally,if possible enjoy the Onion Market at night too. Book or bring a babysitter and try out some of these cocktails while listening to some music outdoors.

Onion Market Cocktails

Onion Market Cocktails


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