Lighting up November

Next in our German traditions is St Martin’s Day on the 11th of November. Lilly and I made a short video about it for you (with some added information which may not be in the origional). 

 The two main things for parents here to do are:

1. Buy a lantern/make a lantern. We have gone with a simple one this year. Although it is supplied with a candle, which should be stuck inside, you would have to be brave to send your child out with a candle in a paper lantern…
2. Go out walking with your child and many other children from your town singing St Martins songs ( link to Laterne song).

You may also want to punish the geese for giving Martin away and cook one. (German recipe for Classic Martins Goose). Anyway, its a nice tradition, if a little bit of a fire hazard! I think we’ll go with an LED candle. Photos to follow.


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