Advent, advent….

Sunday is the beginning of Advent. The first of the four Sundays before Christmas. Here in Germany, the most important job I have to get done now is baking Christmas cookies and biscuits with the children before Sunday. 

The sweet treats are then served each Sunday in Advent. People meet up with their families and friends in the afternoon over coffee and outdo each other with their fabulous creations (often not made with children!). 

The children bake with their parents, grandparents, or in kindergarten. If you are baking with little ones, it is easier to prepare a simple cookie dough in advance like this one here (or in German here). They can then cut them out. I have collected an interesting array of cookie cutters:

The cutting and decorating are the best parts for the children. I like to use proper sweets, like smarties, and decorate with the icing pens. 

By the end of advent you never want to see another Christmas biscuit in your life. But then a year rolls around….. And you do it all again.


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